Footprints Ecuador
“Leave only footprints. Take only photographs.”
Footprints Ecuador


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Volunteer Reviews:

The two weeks I spent at the home of Roni were excellent, since I came to the house, she showed me the town and met very good people because of it. We live in a very particular way, with walls of plants, saving water, recycling, and eating healthy things. The work consisted of painting ceilings and walls to preserve them longer. I always had the option to choose to do and when to do it, without any kind of pressure, that was great. Spend nights watching some movie, try the excellent meals cooked Roni, visit the beautiful beach, ride horses, relax in hammocks, long chat and read, it was the best of Mompiche. I recommend the Secret Garden for all adventurers who like nature. Excellent experience!

Rodrigo Valverde

February 19, 2014

I volunteered at Roni’s Eco-lodge about two weeks, and I had great time! I leant a lot from Roni and other volunteers. Roni is generous in sharing her knowledge with us, and during my stay she gave us two workshops of chocolate making and basket making with palm leaves, which I enjoyed a lot. Roni had a career as a professional chef. She taught me how to cook fish, make Papaya Chutney Sauce etc. Volunteer work is very flexible. I did painting and made paper beads, at the same time I had plenty of time to explore Mompiche. Mompiche is a great place for seafood lovers. You can get fishes, shrimps, crabs, lobsters at a very low price.

Lian Xue
April 11, 2014

Volunteering in Mompiche

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